Friday, January 8, 2010

Things We May Have Neglected To Mention: Our Odd Sense of Online Abandonment

Filming in Brooklyn Turns Selfish

Our favorite filming blog Filming in Brooklyn is no more. We wish our good friend Amy luck on her new blog-baby,, and all her future endeavors.

Goodbye, Newman

The Local, Fort Greene-Clinton Hill's New York Times blog is saying goodbye to Andy Newman, a great voice of our time. You'll soon be able to catch him the NYT Metro's City Room, so fret not.


Join the Society for Clinton Hill, the Fort Greene Association and the Fort Greene Park Conservancy as they seek to assist you in discarding your unwanted Christmas tree. You may bring your tree to the intersection of Washington Park and Willoughby Avenue on January 9th and 10th from 10am - 2pm, and quickly transform the discarded pines and firs into useful mulch. More information here.

Needed: Your Unwanted Coats

We're still collecting unwanted coats for those in need during this winter season. Any spare coat/s may be dropped off at Council Member James' district office at 67 Hanson Place or at Bridge Cleaners at 204 Livingston Street. Thanks in advance.

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SelfishMom said...

Thanks, Tish! It was a difficult decision, but has grown a lot faster than Filming In Brooklyn and I no longer had time to do both. Thanks for all of your support!