Monday, January 11, 2010

ATTENTION: Crown Heights Mediation Center Hosts Leadership, Entrepreneurship Programs

The Crown Heights Mediation Center is hosting free programming for community members, youth, parents and professionals.
Leadership Training Institute:
-Learn networking, fundraising, community organizing, event planning, working with the media and coalition building.
-Build relationships with a team of committed, caring, and concerned individuals who want to make Crown Heights a better place.
-Plan a community project.
-Meets twice a month at Crown Heights Mediation Center, 4:00-7:00pm.
-Excellent for teachers and staff, PTA members, and community members.
-Deadline: January 20th
Youth Entrepreneurship Program
-Free program for young women ages 17-21.
-Learn photography, graphic design, and entrepreneurial skills while forming friendships with other young women from the different races, religions, and cultures in Crown Heights.
-Create and implement a business plan. Make money and receive a cash award upon completion of the program.
-Deadline: January 18th
[The CH Mediation Center is also offering a great professional development program for a small fee.]
Train-the-Trainer Conflict Resolution
-March 19, 2010
-Learn to train young people to respond to conflict in a thoughtful, non-violent way.
-Skills taught include active listening, interpersonal development, bias awareness, decision-making, problem solving, and presentation skills.
-Excellent for teachers, guidance counselors, and other staff members.
-Call the Mediation Center at 718-773-6886 for more information including cost per person.
You can learn more about the Crown Heights Mediation Center through the website and blog: The applications for these programs are available in electronic copy on their blog, and in hard copy at their office. There are a few applications available for pick-up at the district office of CM James.

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