Monday, January 25, 2010

ATTENTION: Family Development Training Program Info & Scholarship for Family Development Workers

Family Development Training and Credentialing Program (FDC) is coming to Kingsborough Community College (CUNY), Learn more at an upcoming information session on--

Wednesday, Feb. 3, 2010 10:00AM- 12:00PM
Gym- G-201 Kingsborough Community College
2001 Oriental Boulevard, Brooklyn, NY 11235

The FDC Program is the result of a major NYS initiative to change the way health, education, and human services are delivered to families. The scholarships that are available are for FAMILY WORKERS CURRENTLY EMPLOYED by community-based and non-profit organizations located within the Neighborhood Development Areas (NDAs). FDC-trained workers help families capitalize on their strengths to set and achieve healthy family goals.

Developed by Cornell University, FDC training is attended by employees of organizations that want to invest in their workers and help them grow professionally, have a greater impact in their work, and experience greater job satisfaction. FDC training will help workers understand and reconnect with the mission of their organization. The training has an impact on all levels of an organization; it empowers and strengthens staff, gives staff new skills with which to better serve their constituents, excites and encourages supervisors, and increases manager's confidence and pride in their family workers.

The 90-hour training includes interactive classes, the development of a portfolio and skills application assignments, and a NYS FDC-credential examination. Participants who successfully complete the program can earn a Family Development Credential, PONSI college credits, and Continuing Education Units.

Classes will be held on Fridays, beginning March 5 through June 18 from 10am-5pm.

FOR MORE INFORMATION: contact Meryl M. Jones, Director of Professional Development, NYC Department of Youth and Community Development at or 212-341-9568.

See Scholarhip Info here.
TO RESERVE A SEAT AT FEB 3 INFORMATION SESSION: Call Esther Leon at 212-341-9566.

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