Tuesday, January 12, 2010

ATTENTION: FREE LGBT(Q) Panels, Workshops

The Brooklyn Community Pride Center, Brooklyn District Attorney’s Office, and National AIDS Education & Services for Minorities to Co-Sponsor Panel Discussion on LGBT Youth in Out-of-Home Care

WED, JANUARY 20, 2010

The Brooklyn Community Pride Center (BCPC)- in collaboration with the Brooklyn District Attorney's Charles Hynes' Office, and the National AIDS Education & Services for Minorities- proudly presents the following event as the third installment in BCPC's community education panel discussions.

Did you know that LGBT youth are disproportionately exposed to violence in the home, which can lead to eventual homelessness? 11.5% of gay and lesbian youth report being physically attacked by family members, and 44% of LGBT youth report having been the target of anti-gay physical abuse, discrimination and/or harassment in their family of origin.

Once in out-of-home care these youth are at higher risk for victimization, mental health problems, and engaging in unsafe sexual behavior than their straight counterparts. Aging out of the foster care system can be very difficult for LGBT youth, and many experience periods of homelessness or may resort to survival crimes, such as prostitution. Any involvement with the criminal justice system resulting in incarceration can lead to further abuse within the system.

This panel will be geared toward parents, social services providers, legal and law enforcement professionals, and will address the specific issues related to working with LGBT youth in out-of-home care. This is both an important and timely issue, and we look forward to the opportunity to engage Brooklyn’s LGBT community in a productive discussion.

Event Details: LGBT Youth in Out-of-Home Care.
Wednesday, January 20th at 7pm
Brooklyn Borough Hall
209 Joralemon Street & Court Street
Brooklyn, New York 11201
2nd floor courtroom

Brooklyn's Own Transgender Name Change Clinic

THU, JANUARY 21, 2010 at 7pm

BCPC, in conjunction with LeGal (Lesbian and Gay Law Association of Greater New York) and the West Village Trans Name Change Clinic (awesome clinic at The Center), has begun a pro se transgender name change clinic, which started in November 2009 and will operate on the 3rd Thursday of every month.

The clinic will assist transgender individuals with filling out the paper work to file for a legal name change. This clinic is only for residents of NYC. The clinic itself is free, but individuals are responsible for filing and publication fees. Please contact le_gal@earthlink.net with any questions.


Anti-Violence Project Offering LGBTQ DV Legal Clinic

The Anti-Violence Project (AVP) is now offering a free LGBTQ DV Legal Clinic for clients! Click links below for more information.

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