Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Team Tish: Some Recent Photos

Another round of "Recent Photos," following Council Member James' many (many) activities within the 35th District and throughout New York City.

CM James joins her colleagues in the City Council on February 12, 2009, at Speaker Quinn's State of the City address (helping local and small businesses, the economic state, City and State taxes, and public safety were mentioned as priorities for the Council).

CMs James and Mark-Viverito join protesters, fellow elected officials, advocates, and New Yorkers from all over in condemning the New York Post's racist 'chimp' cartooon on February 19. 2009 at NewsCorp Office Building.

CM James is joined by International Lifestyle Adviser (and our British Intern) Maudlyn Darkwa. (2/19 NY Post Rally; NewsCorp Office Building).


CM James speaks on the steps of City Hall on March 11, 2009 with ConnectNYC, an organization that addresses family-based and gender violence, on the subject of HIV/AIDS Prevention.

CM James is joined by Brooklyn DA Charles Hynes and Embora's Emory Moore at the March 29, 2009 Self-Defense Awareness Event at LIU.

CM James stands safely back as Mr. Moore demonstrates a creative attack defense (3/29 Self-Defense Awareness Event; LIU).

If you have any pictures of Tish in the district you'd like to see on the TeamTish blog, please forward them to me at Note: We try not to post pictures from media sources; and we'll give independent photographers a shout-out here.


*Photo courtesy of William Alatriste.
**Photo courtesy of Quentin Walcott of CONNECT Training Institute & Community Empowerment Program.

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