Tuesday, April 28, 2009

ATTENTION: Community Boards- Block Party Protocol

We've collected the requirements and standards for block parties from the local Community Boards within the 35th Council District (2, 3, 8, 9,). See below:


* Applications must be submitted 60 days in advance
* $15 fee
* No multi-day or multi-block parties permitted
* If the application is being submitted by a block association, a formal letter from them is required. If the application is not coming from a block association, a petition is required. This ensures that the occupants of the block are aware that the party is going to be held and also provides the office with evidence of this.
* There is no limitation on how many block parties can be held.


* Applications must be submitted 60 days in advance
* $15 fee
* A notarized letter from the block association must be submitted
* There is a limit of 7 blocks parties per precinct per weekend


* Applicants must complete a steer activity form which must be approved by the 77th precinct
* If there is no block or tenants association, or the association has not held a block party in the last 5 years, a petition is needed. Otherwise, a letter from the block or tenants association will suffice
* There is a limit of 5 parties per Saturday


* Street activity permits can only be issued to a sponsor, who then takes responsibility for the conduct of the event. The sponsor must be a community based, not for profit organization, association or something similar which has an indigenous relationship to the street or community.
* The number of street activity events per day may be limited to 4
* Street activities cannot begin before 8am or end later than 7pm
* The sponsor must obtain, on the organization's letterhead, signatures from 60% of the residents on the block
* There is a $15 fee
* For a single day event, applications must be submitted to the Community Board office at least 90 days in advance
* Applications for multi-block/multi-day events must be filed no later that December 31st of the year prior to the date of the event.
* For street activities which occupy more than one block, fee equal to 30% of the total fees paid by the vendors to participate in such events shall be charged (excluding fees paid by organizations determined to constitute community based, not for profit organizations).

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