Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Self-Defense Awareness Event: Follow-up

We are so excited about the excellent feedback we've gotten concerning the Self-Defense Awareness Class held March 29th at LIU.

Local resident Jana wanted to recommend this book- The Gift of Fear by Gavin De Becker; noting it as vital in the preliminary education of the principles of defense awareness.

We'd also like to bring your attention to the excellent Center for Anti-Violence Education (CAE), who offer a wealth of information and programs concerning self-defense awareness. If you are interested in furthering your knowledge in this area, please contact CAE at (718) 788-1775.

We'd like to thank the Embora Wellness & Movement Studio for their excellent presentation, Brooklyn DA Charles Hynes for his insight and leadership, the Fort Greene/Clinton Hill Public Safety Task Force for staying on top of effectively everything, and all those who joined us!


Please see the following message from our Communications Director-

I want to thank all of you for your contributions, which helped to make the Self Defense Awareness Event at Long Island University this past Sunday a big success. I, along with Council Member James left the event feeling inspired, more knowledgeable and empowered, and we have received only positive feedback from attendees and participants.

The venue, support staff and desserts were excellent (kudos to Sharon Abbate, Peg Byron, and Lisa Gallo from LIU); the superb instruction given by Emory Moore and his students kept all entertained; and District Attorney Charles Hynes charmed everyone with his wisdom.

Thank you to every organization and individual who donated their time, literature and voices, including John Castelli, Assistant District Attorney, and other representatives from the office of District Attorney Charles J. Hynes; Karen Moffitt and representatives from the Brooklyn Aids Task Force; Susan Moesker, with the Center for Anti-Violence Education; Susan Debrango, with the Fort Greene/Clinton Hill Public Safety Task Force; and Elisa Mala from the New York Times, The Local- Fort Greene/Clinton Hill blog.

Council Member James and I look forward to working with you again. Each of you helped to bring all of the pieces together to make for an enlightening and enjoyable afternoon.

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Ilyn said...

A must have book about self defense awareness. Awareness is key if most people practiced it more instead of walking around in auto pilot day dreaming most situations can be avoided.