Friday, April 17, 2009

CM James and Habana Outpost Present Earth Day Expo: 4/18-4/19, Habana Outpost

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The Grass Is Always Greener At…Habana Outpost!

Earth Day Expo, April 18th and 19th, FREE ADMISSION

(New York, NY April 17, 2009)- Long before President Obama put ideas like “Green Recovery” and “New Energy” into our everyday vocabulary, Sean Meenan was starting his own green revolution in aptly named Fort Greene, Brooklyn. The eco-eatery, Habana Outpost (New York’s first solar powered restaurant) has been Meenan’s labor of love since 2005, where his goal is to present sustainability to the public in a way that is actually fun. Some “green” highlights of Habana Outpost are: a Human Powered Bike Blender, picnic tables made of recycled soda bottles, harvesting rainwater to flush the toilets, and a company car that runs on vegetable oil.

Schedule of Events :

Saturday, 12 noon
Opening Ceremony with Owner Sean Meenan and Council Member Letitia James
Kicking off Earth Day and the Expo weekend in style!

Ongoing Saturday and Sunday, all day (12-6 pm)

-Free “eco-friendly” face painting
-Eco Arts / Crafts and Games
-Recycled Art Show
-Free samples, info and shopping with local green organizations and vendors

Saturday, 1 pm
Kids Eco-Fashion Show with the Scrapkins
Watch these kids walk the runway in the inventive recycled fashions of the Scrapkins

Sunday, 2 pm
Environmental Film Series with an exclusive screening of FLOW – the movie
Screened at Sundance; awards include honors from the Mumbai, Vail, and United Nations International Film Festivals. Don’t miss it!

Participants include: Alive Structures, Brooklyn Green Drinks, Brooklyn Public Library, Engineers Without Borders, FLOW – the movie, Fort Greene Association, Green Edge NYC, Green Homes NYC, Green Spaces, Green Edge NYC, Greene Grape Provisions, Greene Harvest CSA, Imperial Bag and Paper, Leadership Learning Lab, Letitia James, Rolling Press, Root for Trees, Scrapkins, Solar Energy Systems, Still Hip Brooklyn, Transportation Alternatives, Tri State Bio Diesel, Tribal Alphabet, and Trixie and Radar.

We hope you will join us for two days of Good Green Fun, Habana Outpost-style!

Habana Outpost
757 Fulton Street
(corner of South Portland)
Brooklyn, NY 11217

Press Contact– Patricia Scull/


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Anonymous said...

Hi Tish,

I have been reading about your activities regarding the FG park soccer dispute on the NYTimes blog. Is there any way that you can start documenting/clarifying your positions/actions vis-à-vis the soccer dispute on this blog?

Many of us are very concerned that a small minority of your constituents may be driving soccer out of the park completely at the expense of all of the other stakeholders in the park, including the soccer players. On the NY Times blog, a vast majority of the commentors are FOR soccer in the park.

It seems that you are moving towards taking out of the park completely. That does not seem to be a win-win outcome that treats all fort greeners as equal stakeholders.

Concerned Constituent

Aja Worthy-Davis said...

Anonymous, we've been following the conversation over at the NYT-The Local.

CM James has been a part of this discussion for quite a while (it is in no way, a 'new' issue), and has actively been working to find a compromise between all parties involved (meeting multiple times with stakeholders and players, etc). We'll try to get a statement from the Tish at her earliest convenience on this matter, but in the meantime it would be inaccurate to make any assumptions, as conversations with Parks (and all other parties involved) are ongoing.