Thursday, April 2, 2009

CM James Reports Mayor Bloomberg Stimulus-Funded Brooklyn Infrastructure Projects


(Brooklyn, NY)– Council Member Letitia James is pleased to report that Mayor Michael Bloomberg announced the City’s selection for infrastructure projects this week, which will receive financial backing from the $261 million of federal transportation funding, allocated through President Obama’s American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. As chair of the Contracts Committee, and co-chair of the Infrastructure Task Force, Council Member James advocated for all infrastructure projects receiving funds, specifically the descriptions below of plans within the 35th Council District. She has held several meetings with Edward Skyler, Deputy Mayor for Operations, and has kept pressure on the Bloomberg Administration to ensure these projects were prioritized.

Infrastructure projects supported by federal stimulus funding will supplement the City’s current capital plan. The federal stimulus dollars mean that the City gets projects moving quickly to rebuild infrastructure, creating jobs for thousands of people– exactly what the New York economy needs at this time. Strategic investments in essential infrastructure will help promote necessary economic development. President Obama, Congress and the City government are delivering real change to all five boroughs - more info. can be found at

Improvements to the Brooklyn Navy Yard - The project will reconstruct several roadways in the Navy Yard area and upgrade water and sewer systems. The new roads will allow for the reopening of the historic Sands Street gate, providing more efficient pedestrian, bicycle and vehicle access to the Navy Yard. This includes better access to the A/C/F trains, adding much needed parking, facilitating additional industrial development, and improving water conservation, storm water run-off management and landscaping. Total project cost: $35.4 million - construction bid March 2009, and estimated completion summer 2011.

Streetscape Improvements to Flatbush Avenue - This project includes streetscape improvements along Flatbush Avenue from Tillary to Hanson Place, including new street and pedestrian lights, an elevated landscaped median in the street, and new pedestrian crosswalk refuges at medians. The project also includes sewer and water main upgrades. The project will create a more pedestrian friendly atmosphere for one of Brooklyn’s major thoroughfares and support additional private development in the area. Total project cost: $23 million - construction bid April 2009, and estimated completion June 2011.

Reconstruction of Eastern Parkway - The project involves reconstruction of the roadway from Washington Avenue to Grand Army Plaza to improve the street, which is currently in deteriorated condition, and improve safety for pedestrians, bicyclists, and vehicular traffic. The reconstruction will reduce the frequency of future resurfacing and repair work, which can cause lane closures. The project will improve access to several cultural, recreational and educational institutions, including the Brooklyn Museum, The Brooklyn Botanical Garden, the Brooklyn Public Library, and Prospect Park. Total project cost: $12 million - construction bid fall 2009, and estimated completion Spring 2012.

Citywide Sidewalk Repairs for all Boroughs - The project will repair sidewalks that are damaged by curbside trees in locations throughout the City. The damaged sidewalks cause inconvenience and safety concerns for property owners, who are responsible for the condition of their sidewalks. The sidewalk repairs, done at no cost to the homeowner, will maximize the strength and durability of the sidewalks, while minimizing the damage to tree roots. One-, two-, and three family homes occupied by the owner are eligible for this program. Total project cost: $3.7 million, construction bid spring 2009, and estimated completion summer 2010.

The City of New York’s economic plan focuses on making investments in neighborhoods that will create more jobs, as well encourage greater economic opportunity now, and when projects are completed. In order to maintain transparency and accountability when using stimulus funding, the funds allocated to the City can be followed on the “Stimulus Tracker” located at the official New York City web site.

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