Thursday, January 15, 2009

Council Member Letitia James Extends Congratulations to BK State Elected Officials On New Chair Appointments- Sens. Montgomery, Adams.

(Brooklyn, NY) – “First, I want to congratulate Senator Malcolm A. Smith (D-Queens), who secured a Democratic Majority for the first time in 43 years, and will serve as the Senate’s Majority Leader. When the control of leadership was turned over to New York’s 32-member Senate Democratic Conference during the official start of the 2009 Legislative Session, I was pleased that six of my Brooklyn colleagues accepted assignments as newly appointed Chairpersons of Senate Committees.

Senator Velmanette Montgomery was appointed Chair of Children and Families; Senator Eric Adams received the appointment as Chair of Homeland Security and Military Affairs; Senator John Sampson was appointed Chair of Judiciary; Senator Kevin Parker accepted his appointment as Chair of Energy and Telecommunications; Senator Martin Malave Dilan was appointed Chair of Transportation, and Senator Daniel Squadron will Chair the Committee on Cities.

I would like to commend and congratulate each of my colleagues in government for their well-deserved appointments. I am certain that my mentor, Senator Montgomery will make excellent decisions as Committee Chair (based on her vast experience), particularly when overseeing legislative issues and policy decisions regarding New York families. She will carry on her critical work in assisting families, teenagers and children with achieving goals, and realizing better futures for themselves.

Senator Adams will continue to lend his high level of expertise, stemming from more than 20 years of experience in law enforcement, to his appointment as Chair. Senator Sampson brings his extensive legal experience and an unyielding commitment to community to his Chair position. Senator Parker offers a broad legislative and leadership background in public service to his position as Chair. Senator Dilan’s 10 year tenure as City Council Member allows him to provide superb oversight to his Committee Chair assignment. Lastly, Senator Squadron’s work as top aid for U.S. Senator Chuck Schumer influenced his progressive vision for improving the quality of life across the state, and will be an asset to his appointment as Chair.

I am honored to continue working diligently with all state elected officials in downtown and central Brooklyn, specifically with the aforementioned Senators in order to serve the constituents of New York, and provide a strong voice for all.”

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