Friday, October 17, 2008

What Do You Think: Term Limits

As the second hearing on the term limits issue takes place in City Hall, and as we prepare for our community meeting on term limits on October 19th at Lafayette Presbyterian Church, we thought we'd ask you some questions on the topic-

1). What is your stance on this issue, and why have you taken that position?

2). Do you think the Council should be able to extend term limits without the consent of the voters? Do you support a voter referendum as the deciding vote?

3). What other important factors do you believe have not been prominent in this discussion?

Please post your answers (or any questions you have) in the comments section.

team tish

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Mike said...

1) I oppose term limits, because I think people should have a right to vote for the representatives of their choice. I therefore support relaxing term limits to three terms, or repealing them altogether.

2) Yes. The Council ultimately represents the voters, so a vote by the Council is not undemocratic. In addition, there is precedent for the Council to change the details of term limits.