Thursday, October 23, 2008

Term Limits: Update

It is final that Int. 845A (extending term limits for the mayor and other elected officials) has passed in the New York City Council with a vote of 29:22.

It was an impassioned Stated, with Council Member Gentile noting that the issue has pitted “1st termers against 2nd termers,” and other Council Members noting some of the tactics that were reportedly used in this process.

Council Members Yassky, Gerson, and Brewer proposed an amendment to the bill that would set a time-table for establishing a Charter Review Commission, thereby eliminating section 1138-3 of the bill, which failed 28:22:1 (abstain). Council Member Weprin noted the quick legislation put forth by himself, Council Member James, and Council Member de Blasio in response to Int. 845A (this can be read in earlier posts).

Council Member James is obviously disappointed in this turn of events. She stands by her position that this was not a matter that was to be decided on by the New York City Council, a position which she has spoken on many times in the last few weeks, and which she went to the courts to argue on October 22, 2008 with Council Member Bill de Blasio.

Soon, you’ll be able to read in the media about the final votes of members. On behalf of Council Member James, I urge you push your elected officials to represent you on the issues that matter to you. We are proud of Tish’s position on this issue, and we are proud to say it represented the will of the vast majority of the constituency of the 35th District.

There will be more to say on these matters in the coming days, and we ask that now (more than ever) you take an active part in the politics of New York.



Chris in Prospect Hts. said...

I am very proud that our council person voted against the mayor's power grab. Thank you Tish!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for standing up for citizens' rights in this city. I am also very proud that our council member voted against rewriting the term limits law. is there anything we can do now to continue the fight?

Anonymous said...

I wish my council member had as much spine as Councilwoman James.

eva yvon ruiz said...

As her staff, we are also very proud of Tish! I was thinking today with the staff members of other nay-voting Council Members that it will be very interesting to see what repercussions their votes will have on... say the budget for the next fiscal year. Something to think about...