Friday, October 17, 2008

Public Safety Task Force Meeting, STAY SAFE!

On October 15, 2008, Council Member Letitia James hosted a Public Safety Town Hall Meeting to discuss how community members can work with the Police Department and the District Attorney’s office to keep neighborhoods safer from crime. On behalf of Council Member James, we’d like to thank all those who attended the meeting and submitted their questions.

In attendance were Kings County District Attorney Charles J. Hynes, Police Service Area 3 Commanding Officer Captain Brian McGinn, 84th Precinct Commanding Officer Captain Alan E. Abel, and 88th Precinct Commanding Officer Captain Anthony Tasso. We thank them for their time and for sharing their expertise with community residents. Our office has a close working relationship with our local precincts and with District Attorney Hynes, which allows us to address crime issues quickly and efficiently.

Tish truly believes in community policing, and that businesses reaching their hands out to local individuals- especially post-school-aged youth- has a dramatic affect on the reduction of petty crime. For this reason, she has challenged local businesses to hire within the community. Lafayette Avenue’s restaurant Choice Market, and the Silver Spoon yogurt shop on Fulton Avenue, have both hired employees who live in the community. We encourage you to patronize these establishments.

On behalf of Council Member James, in light of recent crime events, we’d like to share some safety tips:

-If you are a victim of any crime, please call 911 first. When possible, stay in contact with your local precinct to keep updated on the progress of any case you are involved in. In addition to calling 911, if you witness a crime, you may also call or submit a tip online through the NYPD's Crimestoppers here: Reports can be anonymous.

-Residents may sometimes be asked to file a report with 311 for minor disturbances. Keep your case number, and follow-up with 311 on the progress. You can send additional information about your case, or follow-up on a pre-existing case here: Representatives for 311 have told me that the City is working on a completely web-based system where a resident could log their report and follow-up entirely online. If you are having difficulties with the 311 reporting process, please call our offices at (718) 260-9191 or (212) 788-7081.

-Contact your local community board to make them aware of any crime, so that others in your area can take precautions to remain safe. Additionally, please remain active within your precinct meetings. You can contact your local precinct for information on meetings. If you are not able to attend meetings, check your area’s crime statistics here:

-If you are a resident of Clinton Hill or Fort Greene, please post information on crimes at the Society for Clinton Hill’s crime blogger here: Additionally, inquire as to whether your block has a block association, or reach out to your tenant association. Safety issues are appropriate to bring up to these bodies.

-Lastly, please take common safety precautions when in travel. Notice your surroundings, get to know your neighbors, watch mp3/iphone/blackberry/etc. use (especially at night)- distraction makes for an easy target, take robbers seriously- give them what they ask for an quickly get away, don’t go anywhere with anyone you don't know, stay in contact with a friend if you’re traveling at night, etc. There’s also a service that will be especially of interest to women, transpeople, and LGBT individuals. RightRides provides free late-night rides home and escorts for those who do not want to travel alone.

Please remain safe.
team tish

You may find your local precinct here-
You may find your local community board here-

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