Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Open slots for Universal Pre- K in the 35th Council District

As of October 31st, the city will have to declare how many open slots are still available in the Universal Pre-K [UPK] program. The problem with this is that the funding for those slots will also be reabsorbed and there is no guarantee that it will be restored in the future. If you child is four years old, and in need of childcare, that you enroll them before them.

There are both Public Schools AND Community Based Organizations that fall under this category. You can go to the site and click on "Register for Pre-Kindergarten" to find out other UPK slots in your area. You may also look on a map for UPK sites

To register you will need to:
1. Proof of Address
2. Proof of Age (the site provides more information on this)
3. Immunization Records

Also, it is very important to call the site beofre going, as some may have filled the slots since the list of UPK sites was last revised.

You can also call our office for private and public daycares not on this list with available slots. If your child is younger than four, there are other facilities also available.

In November Council Member DeBlasio and James will be hosting a DAY CARE FAIR, modeled after the high school fair. (More information to come on this event.)

[Comunity based Organizations]
Young Minds Day Care (972 Fulton St.
Medgar Evers College (1150 Carroll Street)
Yeled V'Yaida Early Childhood Center Inc. (667 Eastern Prky)

[Public Schools]
PS 287 Bailey K Ashford (50 Navy St.)
PS307 Daniel K Ashford (209 York St.)
PS 167 The Parkway (1025 Eastern Prky)
PS 316 Elijah Stroud (750 Classon Ave.)
PS 375 Jackie Robinson (46 Mc Keever Pl.)

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