Monday, January 3, 2011

CM James Shares Predictions for 2011!

Council Member James on steps of City Hall at CityTime Press Conference.

"Now that 2011 has ushered in, the following are a few predictions for the New Year--

Number one: the amount of theft related to the CityTime scandal will exceed $100 million stolen from New York City taxpayers, and will be the largest fraud on record in the City’s history (I first sounded the alarm two years ago as Contracts Committee Chair).

Number two: within the 35th Council District we are members of a united community, and therefore will provide even safer, more nurturing and stimulating environments for children, both at home and within schools. We will help the least among us, and when we see something, we will always say something in an effort to protect neighbors and ourselves.

Number three: dancing will remain in my life, for exercise purposes and as an artistic outlet. I truly enjoyed dancing to raise funds for arts education in December -"

Council Member Letitia James
35th District, Brooklyn

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