Monday, January 3, 2011

CM James Addresses Snow Cleanup, DSNY Sanitation Conditions Post-Snowstorm

January 2, 2011

Contact: Aja Worthy-Davis at (212) 788-7081

Department of Sanitation Not Resuming Full Garbage Collection by Monday, January 3

Brooklyn, NY— On Sunday, January 2, 2011, the New York City Department of Sanitation announced that after a week of halted garbage collection only limited collection would resume on Monday, January 3rd, and recycling collection would be halted indefinitely.

Following the snow blizzard that took place throughout New York City on Sunday, December 26, residential streets are overflowing with garbage, which risks attracting rodents and other vermin. Additionally, these conditions create a hazardous environment for pedestrians, particularly the disabled and elderly. Sidewalk access remains problematic, and walkways in some parts of the city are almost impassable. As the Department of Sanitation continues to remove a significant amount of the snow and ice, and with warmer temperatures melting the rest, resuming garbage collection should be the primary focus starting tomorrow.

“In the midst of last year’s snow storm, I commended the administration on addressing the sanitation issues that arose,” said Council Member Letitia James (D, NY) “This time, criticism is necessary. It is unacceptable that Brooklyn and the other outer boroughs didn’t receive adequate and timely storm clean-up. And it is frankly dangerous to continue to put off full garbage collection in these unsanitary conditions.”


**For Immediate Release**
December 28, 2010

Contact: Amyre Loomis (718) 260-9191, (646) 201-8183


“Days after the storm, snow in Brooklyn is still piled high and the streets are slick, and dangerous. Concerned neighbors and residents in the 35th Council District are reaching out to me questioning the delay of snow cleanup in Brooklyn. Apparently, the Administration has responded inadequately to the snowstorm, and streets are not passable to many in Brooklyn.

At this time, not enough snowplows are on the ground, and more cleanup efforts should be focused in the City’s outer boroughs. Also, car owners are complaining that vehicles are buried by snow; it’s difficult to locate cars, as well as dig cars out. Simply put, the failure of the Administration to declare a snow emergency was a major blunder.

As the Chair of the Council’s Sanitation Committee, I request more attention and help from the Administration during this snowstorm crisis. Specifically in Brooklyn to increase safety for drivers and residents as this holiday season continues, and families and friends gather to visit and celebrate.

I advise constituents to call 311 and keep a record of your complaint numbers, in order to ensure streets are plowed. And, I plan to hold hearings as Chair of the Sanitation Committee on this matter. Lastly, the Department of Sanitation is looking for day laborers and private equipment owners to remove snow; those interested should inquire with 311 as well.”


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