Tuesday, January 11, 2011

NYCC Sanitation Hearing Discussed at Good Day NY; CMs Crowley and Williams Interviewed

Following CM James' appearance on Good Day NY to discuss the New York City Council's hearing on the December 26, 2010 snow blizzard, which took place yesterday at the Council's temporary hearing hall, CMs Crowley and Williams again joined Good Day NY to discuss what happened.

Council Member James regarding some of the comments made: "It is important to remember that there is a federal investigation happening at this time, and that it is not the duty (or within the jurisdiction) of the New York City Council to perform any criminal investigation of events. Nor would it helpful to feed into unsubstantiated claims."

"Instead, the goal of the Council hearing- laid out by myself before the hearing began- was to look into whether the Department of Sanitation failed in meeting its goals for snow management, and if so how the department and administration can ensure those mistakes are not repeated. It is imperative that in order to address those issues, comments and testimony be as focused as possible. In light of the administration's surprising admissions yesterday, and recent attempts to strengthen service, I feel as if yesterday's hearing was successful."

Blizzard City Council Hearing: MyFoxNY.com

Video borrowed from MyFOX 5.

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