Thursday, March 19, 2009

ATTENTION: Funding Process for Department of Cultural Affairs

Council Member James has worked to ensure fair funding to cultural organizations in the past. In this upcoming fiscal year, we want ensure that all cultural organizations have timely and accurate information concerning applying for funds. Please read below to learn about this year's funding process.

DCA Funding FY 10

Funding and Eligibility

•Applications for Fiscal Year 10 funding through DCA will now be conducted online.
•Organizations with annual operating budgets over $250, 000 can receive funding up to $300,000 and those with operating budgets under $250,00 can receive up to $60,000.
•DCA will only fund up to 5 projects for each group. Funding for projects exceeding this number will not be considered.
•The DCA covers funding for non-profit organizations only. Capital projects and materials for arts are not covered by DCA funding.

Application Process

•Every group must apply.
•If a group has a 2-year funding contract approved last fiscal year, they do not need to apply again.
•When the application process begins, announcements will be made to groups who have received funding in the past but new groups will have to be told.
•In order to log on to begin the application, groups will need their organization I.D.- Groups who have received funding within the past three years will already have this and will need to contact DCA for a password. New groups will have to register online and will be issued with an organization I.D and password.
•All groups are strongly encouraged to read the five information links on the website before proceeding to the online application.

1)Commissioner’s letter
4)Helpful hints
5)Application Checklist

It is strongly recommended that all groups– especially the new groups– go to the DCA application seminars for help. There will be 15 to choose from which will be held in all 5 boroughs.
-Details and locations of seminars will be released on the website

•Blank fields should not be left on the applications. Groups should either enter ‘N/A’ or ‘0’ for questions that are not applicable to them.

Deadline is March 23rd.

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