Thursday, March 12, 2009

ATTENTION: The Center for New York City Neighborhoods, Inc. Can Help You If You're In Danger of Foreclosure

In these harsh economic times, Council Member Letitia James and Team Tish want to make residents aware that we are interested in gathering and sharing information regarding ways to assist those suffering. On March 9, 2009, Newsday reported that the New York City foreclosure auction (run by the California-based Real Estate Disposition Corp. and held at the Jacob Javits Convention Center) drew both bidders and protesters.

We remain committed to disseminating information that may be helpful to those who who are in danger of losing their home. If this describes you (or someone you know), please first view our post on the lien sale to learn how to ensure that your property has not had a lien placed on it for back debt. Additionally, we encourage you to contact The Center for New York City Neighborhoods, Inc. (CNYCN).

From their website:
The Center for New York City Neighborhoods, Inc. (CNYCN) was created to address the local repercussions of the national foreclosure crisis. Through comprehensive citywide programming that includes legal services, housing counseling, and consumer education, CNYCN pursues multiple strategies to assist those at risk of losing their homes to foreclosure - both homeowners and renters alike. CNYCN seeks to support distressed homeowners retain their equity, and preserve New York City neighborhoods by limiting the negative impacts of foreclosure, property flipping, and abandonment. CNYCN is funded through grants from government agencies, foundations, and financial institutions…and was incorporated in 2007 as a not-for-profit corporation under the laws of New York State. CNYCN is a 501(c) charitable organization.”

Again, if you or a loved one are at risk of foreclosure, please contact CNYCN; you may fill out this form to understand what kind of assistance you may need, or call the Foreclosure Prevention Hotline at (646) 786-0888.


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