Wednesday, November 7, 2012

ATTENTION: Energy Self-Certification For Sandy-Affected Buildings

Property Owner,

If your building was damaged by Hurricane Sandy, a licensed contractor must certify that your energy equipment has been repaired and inspected before Con Edison can reenergize your property. A simplified process for turn-on requests will speed service restoration to damaged buildings. This process is coordinated through the NYC Department of Buildings.

While Con Edison recovers from the storm, the city is allowing building owners to file a Self-Certification Form directly with utilities, to restore service faster.

Self-Certification is a three-step process:
1. Get your electrical equipment inspected, cleaned, repaired by a licensed electrician.
2. Direct your electrician to complete a Self Certification Form (Electrician-Inspection or Self Certification Form– Electrician-Repair0
3. E-mail your Self Certification Form to your home borough: Brooklyn

Self Certification forms are also available in Customer Outreach vans in communities most affected by flooding. Con Edison staff will also accept completed forms, and will schedule your service turn-on once certification is received. For more information, please contact Con Edison Energy Services at 718-802-6349, Brooklyn.

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