Friday, November 2, 2012

ATTENTION: Citywide Food and Water Distribution

There will be food and water distribution sites throughout the five boroughs. The details of these sites, including the exact locations and hours of operation, can be found here:
The two Brooklyn sites are Coffey Park at Richards Street (1PM - 5PM), and West 25th Street and Surf Avenue (1PM-5PM).

At the sites:
- Each person will be able to take three meals and five bottles of water.
- People should bring their own bags to carry their food and water.
- There will be 500,000+ flyers in English, Spanish, and Chinese to get word out to these impacted communities.
- 400 members of the National Guard, 150 volunteers from NYC Service, and 24 staff from the Salvation Army will help implement this program.
- Supplies are being delivered by FEMA in coordination with the Governor’s Office of Emergency Management.
- AT&T will bring pods that provide cell service and charging stations to the areas around the food distribution sites. These distribution centers will be open for as long as they are needed.

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