Monday, August 29, 2011

Update: Property Damage and Tree Removal (Hurricane Irene)

Individuals whose property has incurred damage due to Hurricane Irene are encouraged to report any damage to 311 ASAP, or report damage online.

The City investigates reports of damage to homes or building structures caused by severe weather. This includes:

• Unstable sidewalk sheds or scaffolds
• Debris falling from a building
• Defective or cracking interior and exterior walls

Please report damage here:

Tree Removal
The City removes street trees and large branches that have fallen to the ground in front of houses, in parks, and in other public spaces. The City also removes trees or branches that are blocking sidewalks or streets, as well as branches that are cracked or hanging, and about to fall. Removal may be delayed during a storm if the branches are not blocking streets or sidewalks.

The City is not responsible for:
• Any non-City tree that falls on private property
• Any small non-City tree branch that falls on private property
• Any tree that is on private property

Property owners must consult with a private landscape contractor to arrange for the removal of non-City trees or tree branches. Property owners are responsible for knowing whether a tree is on their property or on the City's property. Trees can appear to be growing on your property but actually be on City property. Reference your title survey to verify property lines before removing a tree or conducting any tree work on or around trees in your front yard.

The Department of Parks and Recreation is not accepting requests for removal of standing dead trees until Tuesday, August 30. You may request forestry service action here:

Otherwise, you are encouraged to contact 311 with any reports, or with further questions.

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