Thursday, April 28, 2011

CM James, Sanitation Committee Chair, Supports Legislation To Ease ASP Burden

April 28, 2011

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Council Member James, Chair of the Council’s Committee on Sanitation and Solid Waste Supports Legislation to Ease Alternate Side Parking Burden on Brooklyn Residents
New law reduces alt-side requirements for areas that meet cleanliness standards

(Brooklyn, NY) A proposed law, (Int 287-A) addresses the Mayor’s Office of Operation’s Scorecard Cleanliness Report, which determines street cleanliness. In March 2010, my office sent a letter to the department requesting to be included in any updates on the scorecard methodology, specifically any streets chosen to be “representative” streets for the purposes of the report.

This bill, sponsored by Council Member Brad Lander empowers community boards with an average cleanliness rating of 90%, over 2 consecutive years, to submit a request to the department to receive reduced street cleaning by one day (for a qualifying district). All community boards located within the 35th CD: 2, 3, 8, and 9 are eligible for this reduction. The department would have the option to resume the original street cleaning schedule if the sanitation district receives an average score of less than 90% under the Mayor's office of operations scorecard program for any period of three consecutive months, or if the average score of the sanitation district falls below 90% over a period of two consecutive fiscal years.

“After working with the Mayor’s Office of Operations regarding their scorecard cleanliness methodology, I am pleased with the legislation being put forth. The quality of life will be better for everyone in New York City when parking becomes easier and more available,” said Council Member James. “This is good news and should decrease the amount of expensive tickets given to drivers, as well as the hassle of moving cars. Also, I believe that through giving community boards with high cleanliness ratings the option to reduce street cleaning, we are empowering communities to make independent decisions in the best interest of local residents.”


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