Monday, April 11, 2011

CM James Creates Online Petition In Support of FG Tire Shop

F + S Tires is the Fulton Street business that has been closed by the Department of Buildings due to violations and an issue with the certificate of occupancy.

The owners received more than $24,000 in fines for building violations, such as for improper support beams, lacking a sprinkler system and garbage in the basement. The certificate of occupancy for the building is another major issue. A DOB inspector informed the Joseph brothers that it would cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to obtain a new certificate of occupancy.

The Fulton Area Business Alliance (FAB) and the Pratt Area Community Council (PACC) are assisting F + S Tires, and a Department of Buildings hearing for the violations is scheduled May 16. Please join Council Member James and advocacy agencies in supporting F + S Tires, who perform a vital service to the Fort Greene community, by signing this petition.

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Please see the petition here:

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