Thursday, April 7, 2011

Clarifying A Few Points

Yesterday our office sent out a press release in regards to a local Fort Greene tire shop that is faced with having to shut down business due to over $20,000 worth of building violations.

By late afternoon, a Brownstoner post elicited various responses (including one in which we were Kanye'd).

We appreciate the lively discussion, but we'd like to raise a few points for those interested:

1). It is standard for a Council Member to write support letters to City agencies (and offer other types of support; in this case, assist in addressing violations) for struggling local businesses. (CM James has done this before, in fact, for a great little Clinton Hill pet store.)

2). Lending support to a long-time small business does not mean that a politician is anti-new-business. We happen to like coffee shops and specialty food shops throughout the District. We're passionately pro-snacking.

3). Since the subject was brought up in the comments, Council Member James is a strong advocate for Community Roots Charter School, and we have a great relationship with that school. She's all for their expansion and continued development- but not at the cost of removing resources from another school.

4). Aside from following this blog, you can always contact our staff at or (718) 260-9191/ (212) 788-7081 for accurate information about Council Member James activities in the community or positions.


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