Friday, July 9, 2010

CM James Calls for Investigation into Fatal Scooter Accident

**For Immediate Release**
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Council Member Letitia James Calls for Investigation into Fatal Scooter Accident

(Brooklyn, NY)— At 5:30 p.m. on July 8, 2010, a 40-year-old woman traveling by motor scooter was struck by an SUV vehicle that ran a red light near DeKalb and Clinton Avenues in Fort Greene, Brooklyn. As a result of the incident, the woman sustained fatal injuries.

At this time, the individual driving the SUV has been neither identified nor placed under arrest by the NYPD. Additionally, it is believed that the driver is currently a member of a federal law enforcement agency. It is unclear whether this individual was traveling at the time in an official capacity.

“This tragedy claimed the life of an innocent individual. The NYPD must investigate the circumstances of this incident, and communicate openly with the victim's family, my office, and the community at large,” said Fort Greene Council Member Letitia James. “I am calling for an investigation into the circumstances surrounding this tragic incident. The thoughts and prayers of the entire community are with the family during this most difficult time.”


Anonymous said...

Please do everything that you can! This woman was a beautiful woman inside and out! A beautiful family. I am heartbroken, all that knew her are devastated. This was a senseless accident and for what? Three children and a Husband have lost the most important person to them. People MUST slow down and follow the RULES of the road...

Anonymous said...

It is unfortunate, but typical of reporters and politicians to assign guilt to someone before all the facts are in. There have been conflicting eyewitness statments as to Ms. McKay-Dalton wearing headphones, being kind of zoned out, and running the light, hitting the SUV. It is trully sad that the lady died in this accident, but sadly, she may have been to blame. If that is the case, what about the unfortunate guy driving the SUV? Does anyone care about what he must be going through because of this tragedy? It really doesn't matter who he works for, cop or not does it? He is a human being and one can only imagine the emotional stress he is having to deal with, along with reckless reporting and statements by politicians.
Just something to thing about everyone!

Aja Worthy-Davis said...

@Anon- Thanks for your comment. If you will, please direct us to the portion of the release that "assigns guilt" for the tragedy?

The reports of eyewitnesses are varied, but relevant. However, it is important that we're clear that CM James' interest is in conducting a fair and transparent investigation into the circumstances of Ms. McKay-Dalton's death, not in demonizing anyone. The truth usually speaks for itself.