Thursday, May 21, 2009

United Way Offers Working Seminar To Provide Non-Profits With Fiscal/Management Advice

Hands-On Tools for Managing through Tough Times
Two free high-impact, interactive learning events for staff and volunteer leaders of community based human service organizations in New York City.

The United Way of New York City is pleased to present two free learning events designed to provide non-profit leaders with hands-on practical fiscal and management tools they can quickly implement in navigating the economic storm. Each day will provide participants with an opportunity to learn from experts in the fields of non profit financial management and organizational planning. Participants will also benefit from facilitated small group discussions where they can share and generate ideas that can be taken back to their organizations and implemented immediately.

Who else will attend?
Professionals working with community based human services providers in New York City in the capacity of:
*Executive Directors
*Chief Financial Officers
*Board Members

Why attend?
*These are working meetings- not passive workshops. You will actively engage with other nonprofit leaders who have faced similar challenges.
*The tools you will acquire are proven effective.
*Content and discussions will be structured so they are relevant to organizations of all sizes.
*You will learn about additional resources available to you and your organization
*You will return to your organization with concrete strategies you can use immediately
*There is no charge to attend

* Leadership & Decision Making
May 21, 2009

* Fiscal Management
May 28, 2009

The William and Anita Newman Vertical Campus Conference Center
Baruch College
55 Lexington Avenue (at 24th Street)
14th Floor
New York, NY 10010

About each day:

Leadership & Decision Making - May 21
Facilitated by Community Resource Exchange

* Learn, share and generate effective strategies, ideas and resources for limiting the impact of the recession on your organization and the people it serves
* Learn about contingency planning, partnerships and collaborations, strategies for preserving talent and how to work with your board
* Return to your organization with at least one actionable strategy for meeting recession related challenges

Fiscal Management - May 28
Facilitated by Fiscal Management Associated and Nonprofit Finance Funds

* Get familiar with nonprofit financial management concepts essential for successful scenario planning
* Learn specific tools that can help your organization navigate severe economic turbulence
* Return to your organization with an initial plan of key areas to success, as well as the key stakeholders to include in the process

You may visit one or both events.
Both days are free but you must register in advance.

Visit for more information.

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