Wednesday, May 13, 2009

CM James On Appointment of Banker John Rhea to Chair of NYCHA


May 13, 2009

Statement by Council Member Letitia James on Appointment of Banker John Rhea to Chair the New York Housing Authority

(Brooklyn, NY) – “The appointment of John Rhea as Chair of the New York City Housing Authority causes me and my constituents great concern.

I applaud the Bloomberg Administration for attempting to address the lack of diversity in their administration. But, the appointment of an African-American man, who has no experience in managing a low-income public housing authority of this size and scale, and whose experience may be limited to private equity financing is troubling, and should not serve as a substitute or a panacea for the lack of diversity at City Hall.

This appointment further raises questions, particularly at a time when private equity firms are purchasing under-performing housing developments, and converting them to luxury housing throughout the City. These purchases are displacing low and moderate income families, which continues to disproportionately affect persons of color.

I do look forward to meeting Mr. Rhea, and I cautiously await our first exchange.”

Contact: Council Member Letitia James (718) 260-9191


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Anonymous said...

It's about time they put someone in charge of NYCHA with a brain and from the real world. Most of NYCHA management is full of self-serving, back-stabbing, bureaucratic, politically motivated idiots. This guy should clean house.