Wednesday, December 10, 2008

MTA Proposes Cuts to B25 Route, Night/Weekend Service for B65

Last week, the MTA proposed service cuts around the city to help alleviate massive budget deficits. They maintain that the B25 is both underused and already serviced by the A and C trains. Now, I will speak for my pregnant self when I say that I have yet to see the B25, as often as it may run, not full. The lack of elevators in most subway stops makes the bus a better option not only for myself, but also for the many elderly and handicapped living in our neighborhood.

As far as the B65 goes, the bus lines is one of only two lines that cover the area from Fulton to Eastern Parkway (AN 11 BLOCK STRETCH!!!) It is unacceptable to think that people who have come to depend on this line to get home in the late hours will now be subject to the long walk possibly from their place of employment to the trains AND from the train to their residence.

Other changes to MTA service that effect the 35th Council District include:
  • Shortening the G-train to operate between Court Square and Smith-9th Street at all times, eliminating evening, overnight, and weekend service between Court Square and Forest Hill-71st Ave.
  • Operating 10 minute headways on the A-train, 4/5-trains, N/Q/R- trains and G-train routes (among others) on Saturdays and Sundays. As a result loads will exceed 125% of off-peak loading guidelines depending on the car type.
  • Midday loading guidelines will increase to 125% seated load on the A-train and N/Q/R- trains, which will amount to longer waits of about 1-2 minutes.
  • Operating the A-train, 4/5-trains, and 2-train subway service on a 30-minute headway between 2am and 5am (service currently runs on a 20-minute headway during this period).

CM James is currently organizing a press conference, please stay tuned and come out and support in numbers. We must make MTA hear our collective voices!

Please share your stories if these service cuts will effect you...

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