Thursday, December 18, 2008

Crown Heights Re-entry Fair: Follow Up

Re-Entry Resource Fair

"Re-adjusting within the community for formerly incarcerated individuals is often a difficult experience. It is argued that they do not receive adequate facilities during their time in prison to equip them upon their release. The goal of the fair was to assist formerly incarcerated people to rehabilitate them into society in order for successful integration into the community."- Council Member Letitia James

The Re-Entry Resource fair for formerly incarcerated individuals and their families took place on November 22nd at Calvary Community Church in Crown Heights. It produced a great turnout, and many formerly incarcerated individuals were assisted on issues concerning housing, legal advocacy, counseling, family services, education, employment and career development, medical services, substance abuse treatment, and spiritual resources. Channel 12 were on hand to cover the event, and interviewed both Council Member James and individuals from Crown Heights Mediation Center, who were working closely with our office to ensure that the event was a success.

(Tish, British Intern/International Communications Specialist Faye Biggin, and Crown Heights Mediation Center's Molly Spevack)

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