Monday, December 1, 2008

Opposition to Mayoral Budget Cuts:

Council Member Letitia James opposes the Mayoral Budget Cuts proposed, as outlined below:

Service cuts proposed in the Mayor’s November Plan (PEGs)

New York Police Department [NYPD]:

  • Elimination of the January 2009 Police Academy Class and limiting the six subsequent classes from FY10 through FY12 to 2,000 hires each

$252.2 million in FY09-12

Department of Health [DOH]:

  • Closing an East-Harlem STD Clinic


  • Elimination of Oral Health Program; 44 oral health sites throughout the city will close as a result


Administration for Children’s Services [ACS]:

  • Childcare co-payments will be increase for non-public assistance families. Weekly minimums will increase by $2 per child

$1.8million in FY09; $8.7million in FY10+

  • Increasing Level I Supervisor Caseloads; the agency will reduce the child protective services staffing model by 127 positions. This will require Child Protective Level Supervisors to carry a full caseload, focusing on more complex investigations

$3.7million in FY09;

$3.8 million in FY10+

  • Eliminate payments for the Living for the Young Family through Education Program [LYFE], which supports pregnant and parenting students enrolled in DOE schools by providing childcare and referral services

$1.6 million in FY09; $3.2 million in FY10+

Department for the Aging [DFTA]

  • Suspend the Senior Center RFP--Opposed by the speaker and most Council Members and advocates for seniors.

$117 million

  • Elimination of social adult day care, which would close all non-medical adult day care services to fewer than 200 individuals with cognitive or physical limitations

$1.2 million in FY09

$2.4 million in FY10+

  • Elimination of elder abuse prevention contracts


Human Resources Administration [HFA]

  • Elimination of HASA Homemaking Re-estimate


City University of New York [CUNY]

  • Elimination of “Jobs to Build On” (a council initiative)


Department of Youth and Community Development [DYCD]

  • Reduction of Out of School Time (OST) Slots

$3.2 million

  • Reduction of Work Hours in Summer Jobs for Teens program

$1.7 million

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