Friday, September 19, 2008

Tish testifies at NYS Assembly hearing

After the press conference and rally held on the steps of City Hall, a public hearing was held in the Assembly Hearing Room in which Council Members James and De Blasio were invited to testify on the relocation of the men's homeless intake center from Manhattan to Brooklyn:

"Maybe there would be merit if Bellevue was being closed for affordable housing... then maybe! Instead, it is going towards ANOTHER luxury hotel... How dare this administration put me and my colleagues in the center of having to choose between a recreational facility and an intake center."

In what Council Member DeBlasio dubbed 'a dangling carrot,' both council members argued passionately on behalf of the residents of Crown Heigts. Both reasoned that this part of Brooklyn is home to more services per square mile that any other area in New York City, and that the intake center would hamper the business improvements, economic development, safety, and rezoning efforts made by the local residents. Furthermore, it is illogical to have homeless men traveling to a Brooklyn intake center given that approximately 60% of the city's homeless are based in Manhattan.

This is the latest in a number of press conferences Letitia has held on this issue. Tish and others that hold her same stance hope to appeal to State officials as well as use Land Use laws (ULURP), and public outcry as a means to halt the proposed intake center.

In her own words, "Brooklyn will no longer serve as a dumping ground for Manhattan and this administration's elitism."


Chris (R-NY) said...

Spell check can be you're friend.

Anthony said...

Go Team Tish go!!!! Tell them like it is--making the armory an intake center would be castrophic for the neighborhood who already has to chase the homeless from the doorsteps.

Also I think the blog is a great idea and I will check back often!!!