Tuesday, September 30, 2008

A Message from Council Member James

Dear Friends:

What a great year of change it has been thus far. More change is definitely coming to Brooklyn and our country this fall. I was fortunate enough to witness this building of change and hope first-hand while attending the Democratic National Convention during August in Denver. I also want to congratulate participants of the West Indian Labor Day Parade on a successful event, which I marched in upon my return from the DNC.

Change is coming to urban communities like ours around the nation. For example, in Crown Heights, public officials and community members came together to request protection for senior citizens and placement of more security cameras in Brooklyn. An assailant of an 85-year-old woman was apprehended within days after the NYPD and the community united for this cause.

Change through City Council legislation to protect our neighborhoods is now happening within Brooklyn. I, along with Council Members Albert Vann and Bill de Blasio, introduced a resolution calling on the Mayor to halt the plan by the Department of Homeless Service to close the Manhattan central intake center for homeless men, and transfer its functions to the Brooklyn Bedford-Atlantic Armory. By moving the central intake center to Crown Heights, DHS would decrease access to shelter for homeless men throughout the City.

Change will come through continued protests of gun violence in our communities. The surge of crime and gun violence in Brooklyn is unacceptable, and sadly, our youth are being shot by each other. Once again, the community came together this summer to support a 9-year-old boy now recovering from a bullet wound. The issue ultimately is tied to quality education and more employment opportunities. And, please turn in guns to honor the sanctity of life.

Many Brooklynites (including myself) share similar goals as Barack Obama - improving our schools, affordable universal health care, ending the Iraq War as well as honoring our commitment to veterans, energy independence, and ending the genocide in Darfur. Barack Obama gives us hope for an improved America and a better world for all.

The Democratic national convention was filled with inspiring moments such as Ted Kennedy and Bill Clinton passing the mantle to a new generation, and Michelle Obama moving thousands to screams and tears. Joe Biden and Barack Obama concluded the DNC with historic speeches, and a dialogue about a real plan to deliver change for this country. The time has come for everyone to get involved with moving the borough of Brooklyn, New York, and America forward.

Letitia James

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