Friday, September 19, 2008

In Your Community

Last night (September 18, 2008), our office was represented at the Society for Clinton Hill's General Meeting. We are happy to report that the Society continues to do an spectacular job in regards to dispensing information and community organizing. Specifically, we acknowledge and appreciate the newly-developed Public Safety Task Force, which maintains the Neighborhood News Reporting Map, which maps illegal activities reported on the site. This information allows us to accurately view the occurrences of illegal activity to report to the local precinct(s), so please remember to report illegal events on the site and update your community. The Society for Clinton Hill website can be found here:

Personally, I have been a fan of the Society for Clinton Hill's Halloween Walk since I was a kid (and I'm a bit saddened at the reality that it's no longer socially acceptable for me to walk around dressed as a ghost asking people for candy). For this year's event, parents may pick up maps at the Society of Clinton Hill Garden at DeKalb/Hall, and must accompany their children throughout the evening. There's also the beloved Continuous Halloween Show and Haunted House. Further information can be found here at the A Child Grows In Brooklyn website (scroll down a bit):, or through the Society for Clinton Hill.

Lastly, those interested may want to reach out the Society for Clinton Hill in regards to their seasonal House Tours, or the Fort Greene Park Conservancy for their full fall calendar of events (may be viewed here:


Today Council Member James, in her capacity at Chair of the Contracts Committee, held an Oversight Hearing in regards to recent contracting reforms for City Capital Construction Projects.

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