Friday, September 17, 2010

ATTENTION: Community Notice Regarding Storm

September 17, 2010

Community Notice Regarding Recent Storm
An update regarding last night's severe weather storm, and the specific issue of fallen trees, structural damage, and power outages throughout a number of Brooklyn neighborhoods--

Con Edison, DSNY, FDNY, MTA, NYPD, OEM, and the Parks Department are working to restore power outages and remove downed trees and debris throughout the city. To assist with coordination, OEM deployed Citywide Incident Coordinators (CICs) to certain locations in Brooklyn.

Affected residents should call 311 to report any damage to their homes or businesses sustained from last night's storm. In order to qualify for disaster relief assistance, New York City must estimate the storm's total effect on city residents and employees. Residents should be prepared to answer questions about the extent of their property damage. Residents, if possible, should take photographs any damage prior to debris removal or repair. OEM will continue to monitor the damage from last night’s storm; the agency has opened the City’s Emergency Operations Center. OEM responders are located in the hardest hit areas and there is a command post set up to coordinate field activities. OEM is also working with the National Weather Service and the State Emergency Management Office to assess the damage. The Weather Service will survey the damage to confirm whether a tornado occurred.

Council Member James would like to stress the importance or reporting the building damage and downed trees. This information will be collected and used to determine eligibility for FEMA disaster declarations.

Lastly, Council Member James asks that residents continue to take the following steps wherever necessary:

-Report health and safety emergencies to 911.
-Report structural and tree damage to 311 (including trees blocking streets and roadways).
-Report power outages to Con Edison at 1-800-75-ConEd.
-If you have been displaced due to the storm, contact the American Red Cross in Greater New York at (877) 733-2767.

Additionally, Alternate Side Parking regulations are suspended Citywide on Friday, September 17. And, as always, constituents may reach out to the Office of Council Member Letitia James at (718) 260-9191 to assist them in any matter related to the storm.

[Photograph by Benjamin Pasteur]

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