Wednesday, August 4, 2010

SCHOOLS UPDATE: 2010 New York State Test Scores

As you may know, earlier this week the State released the results of the annual New York State math and English Language Arts (ELA) exams for students in grades three through eight. Due to the State raising its benchmark for proficiency, roughly 54 percent of city students in grades 3-8 are meeting or exceeding math standards, while just over 42 percent are meeting reading standards. Overall, the tougher grading system resulted in a significant drop in overall ratings across the entire State and here in the City. However, despite the drop in overall ratings, our students this year generally earned ELA and math scores that were consistent with last year’s results and, in some cases, were even better than last year. These results prove that we still have a long way to go.

In the fall, all families will receive individualized reports from the State with their child’s test scores. This report will help you understand areas where your child needs work and will show you how your child is doing compared to other students.

Additionally, if your child was not promoted to the next grade in June and is currently enrolled in summer school, you will receive a letter later this week letting you know if your child still needs to take the citywide ELA and math exams in August. This decision will be based on your child’s final State test scores. Since these results were not available in time to place additional students in summer school, they will instead receive additional support during the school year to ensure they master the content and skills necessary to succeed in their current grades.

If you prefer to get your child’s scores in advance of the start of school, the Department of Education is making scores available to parents online beginning Monday, August 16, through the DOE’s ARIS Parent Link website. If you have visited the site before, or if you have your child’s student ID number and a temporary password, go to to log in. Once there, click on your child’s student profile to see your child’s results on the 2010 State tests.

If you do not have your login information, your child’s school can provide this information to you in September, or schools that are open over the summer are able to provide you with your login information now. In addition, during the week of August 16, you can visit a location in each borough to get your ARIS Parent Link login information. Beginning Monday, August 2, specific locations will be posted at

Please note that because ARIS Parent Link contains confidential student information, you will need to provide a photo ID to receive login information.

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