Monday, August 3, 2009

LaborersLocal10 Green Labor Union Sponsors Green Jobs Training Program

A new green labor union- LaborersLocal 10 is piloting a Green Jobs Training Program for unemployed, underemployed, and disadvantaged workers in New York City. The program is part of Local 10's broader efforts to create long-term careers and pathways out of poverty in communities most burdened by the duel problems of energy costs and climate change.Local 10 is also committed to creating good-paying residential construction jobs, and the program provides participants with a foundation to secure union positions in the affordable housing and small homes markets.

Currently, almost 80% of New York City's greenhouse gas emissions come from our buildings. This problem particularly affects outer-borough and low-income communities, many of which have the City's oldest, most inefficient homes where residents struggling month-to-month to pay their electric and gas bills. Realizing this, the city, state and federal governments are pouring billions of dollars into the residential energy efficiency market. This funding will allow building owners and tenants to undertake numerous energy efficiency measures such as installing light sensors, replacing boilers, and caulking around windows; and will create jobs in the process.

Local 10's pilot program is preparing workers from low-income communities for those jobs. Among other green-related skills, the program provides trainees with a hands-on introduction to green construction, energy audits, and insulation. The program also has components of construction basics such as utilizing hand and power tools, construction safety, and indoor environmental awareness. Although the pilot program will end next week, Local 10 will continue to train workers as the job market for residential energy efficiency grows.

Those interested should contact Myles Lennon, Director of Green Operations at--

Cell: 646-408-1871

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