Wednesday, June 12, 2013

A Message from Council Member Letitia James: Regarding BAM South

“Affordable housing and good-paying jobs for our community remain my top priorities as deliberations on the BAM South project continue. I remain concerned about the closure of a nearby historic library, and feel strongly that the project must address this unfortunate loss of public and community space.

Contrary to certain reports, I’ve never backed down from supporting the vision of BAM South, but I believe the project must deliver additional affordable housing units and jobs that middle-class and working-class New Yorkers can live with. These are not new demands, though they have received particular notice as the project vote draws near.

I feel strongly that all developments in the 35th District should seek to meet the unique needs of our diverse, growing community, and I believe that this project when finalized will do so.”

 - Council Member Letitia James


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