Wednesday, January 18, 2012

CM James Statement On Proposal to Co-locate Community Roots Charter in PS 287

The NYT-Local has reported that the proposal to co-locate with PS 287 was approved.

January 17, 2012

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(Brooklyn, NY)- “In December 2010, Community Roots Charter School (CRCS) was approved for a grade expansion, which will now serve middle school grade levels (grades 6-8). Shortly after, the New York City Department of Education (DOE) proposed to expand CRCS in its existing location in 13K067, which houses a community school, P.S. 67-Charles A. Dorsey and P.S. 369, a District 75 school. After much community push back, the DOE concluded that 13K067 does not offer the capacity to accommodate the expansion of CRCS. In December 2011, the DOE proposed to co-locate Community Roots’ middle school grades in the 13K287 building beginning in the 2012-2013 school year.

13K287 presently houses P.S. 287-Bailey K. Ashford, an existing community school serving kindergarten through fifth grade, and Khalil Gibran International Academy, an existing DOE school serving students in seventh and eighth grade. Khalil Gibran will be re-sited to Community School District 15 next Fall. With the potential available space due to the exodus of Khalil Gibran and the additional underutilized space in P.S. 287, the DOE has found sufficient space within the building to house Community Roots without impeding on the success and growth of P.S. 287 and CRCS. At capacity in 2014 with P.S. 287 and Community Roots Middle School co-located, the building utilization rate will be between 54-71%.

Much like the previous proposal, this plan is causing community unrest and conflict. It is no surprise to anyone that I do not waiver when I’m faced with a bureaucratic challenge or an issue that is undoubtedly wrong, However, I believe that there is sufficient room in the P.S. 287 facility for both schools to fit comfortably and continue to grow for the betterment of District 13 youth.

I stand with all the schools in my Council District and the families who fight for increased educational options for their children. I stand on the side of fairness and transparency. For that I urge parental and community involvement in the DOE significant changes in school utilization process. We need to stand together to grow high-achieving schools in our district like CRCS and P.S. 287. We are the answer to ensure the growth and sustainment of a progressive working environment for our children.”

Council Member Letitia James
35th CD, Brooklyn


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