Wednesday, June 15, 2011

CM James Comments on City Jail Plan; Capital Cuts

June 15, 2011

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Despite Cut in Capital Spending, Mayor Bloomberg Plans to Build New Jail: Council Member James Dumbfounded

At this time, because of difficult fiscal times Mayor Bloomberg is proposing a 20 percent reduction in planned City capital spending, which translates to less money for building new schools, new construction of affordable housing, and upgrading public parks around the City.

I still ask why Mayor Bloomberg will not make big banks and millionaires pay their fair share to prevent the worst proposed cuts in this year’s budget? It is well known that real alternatives to these destructive cuts are possible! New Yorkers will continue to hold the Bloomberg Administration accountable, and we now demand that big banks and millionaires pay their fair share! We are all fighting for a City that works for everyone.

And, I along with other New Yorkers are surprised to learn this week that the Bloomberg Administration is still planning to commit more than $620 million in 2011 through 2015 for construction of a new jail on Rikers Island, renovation of jails in Brooklyn and Queens, and the closing of other facilities. Ironically, the system will have less capacity than currently when the changes are complete. The question remains: in the long run who really benefits from this jail construction and the millions of dollars spent – wealthy developers, or NYC constituents?

An alternative to cutting capital spending does exist! This funding is crucial - because it would benefit those who need it the most - the residents of New York City. I will say it again: it is simply time to eliminate unaffordable subsidies for the wealthy. Let’s stop cutting funding for financial institutions, and support the statewide Millionaires Tax. These are fair and just options.


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