Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Council Member James Comments on Proposed Cuts to BPL, NYPL

"As you likely already know, the Brooklyn Public Library (BPL) faces a $25.2M reduction in City funding that would result in the closure of libraries, and a drastic reduction in hours of service across the borough. Similarly, the New York Public Library (NYPL) faces a $39.8M reduction— which puts at-risk an estimated 12 NYPL locations, would limit service to 4-days-per-week, eliminate 687 positions, and reduce by 14,200 various career-counseling classes.

Public libraries provide a vital community resource that offer many New Yorkers the only career and research services they readily have access to. As the City Council faces harsh budget cuts this fiscal year, it is imperative that we as a body advocate for the restoration of funds to our public libraries. The New York City Council has a record of support for public institutions, and I will continue to do my part to back the continued support of the Brooklyn Public Library and the New York Public Library."

Letitia James
Member of the City Council

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