Friday, June 25, 2010

CM James Supports Flushing Avenue Bike Lane

**For Immediate Release**
June 25, 2010

Contact: Amyre Loomis at (718) 260-9191

Flushing Avenue in Brooklyn is getting a two-way, protected bike lane linking cyclists between the Manhattan Bridge and Williamsburg

This is an effort to energize the Brooklyn Waterfront Greenway project- in the works since 1993

The Flushing Avenue bike lane is a win-win situation for the Department of Transportation, Brooklyn and elected officials. The City has abandoned its contentious plan to convert Flushing Avenue to a one-way street to accommodate a two-way bike lane. The new design will maintain two-way car flow, yet still provide for a bike lane.

This new proposal maintains two-way traffic between Kent Avenue and Navy Street, as well as adds a two-way protected bike lane east of Washington Avenue (a jersey barrier and buffer zones between cars and cyclists).

“As an advocate for compromise, I am pleased that the new plan for Flushing Avenue is satisfactory to both drivers and bikers. I want to commend Council Member James for leading the discussion and negotiations for the new plan,” said Council Member Stephen Levin. “As a member of the Environmental Protection Committee, I am an advocate for alternative transportation and minimizing traffic flow. However, on a busy street, it is important that traffic flow is maintained while we continue the effort to green our city. I urge both drivers and bikers alike to call 311 or my office if there are any problems or concerns with the new street configuration.”

The Brooklyn Waterfront Greenway initiative, which is overseen by the Department of Transportation, has developed a plan that pleases all parties involved. Drivers and residents of the nearby Navy Yard area will not be forced to acquiesce to bikers and exit Flushing Avenue in one direction, as the original plan included.

“Residents living around Flushing Avenue, and tenants of the Navy Yard who attended the recent public meeting were not content with the original bike lane proposal - because of the one-way street component. We are grateful that DOT has responded to their concerns,” said Council Member Letitia James. “Of course, our long-term goals are to create safe pathways for everyone in the community. I support slowing down traffic, along with creating an easier, usable bikeway. This proposal is part of the big picture for the future waterfront greenway, and will positively change Flushing Avenue. I also know first hand from constituents that bikers are very ready for this long-awaited change.”


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