Monday, November 9, 2009

Governor Paterson Statement On Extension of Fed. Unemployment Insurance


President Obama signed a federal extension of Unemployment Insurance, ensuring that nearly 55,000 New Yorkers who had previously exhausted their benefits will be entitled to an additional 20 weeks.

Unemployment Insurance was created as a safety net for workers who found themselves out of work through no fault of their own. In an economic climate where there is only one job for every six unemployed New Yorkers, Unemployment Insurance has taken on a different meaning. It has quickly changed from a safety net to a lifeline.

As I travel the State and speak with unemployed New Yorkers, I am encouraged to hear that they do not want to collect unemployment benefits forever. They want to work, and there is nothing they want more than the financial independence a good job has to offer.

I encourage the unemployed in New York to visit one of our 81 One-Stop Centers across the State as often as possible. Let our experts help you find a job. From the Department of Labor’s On-the-Job Training program to new opportunities targeting the clean energy sector, there are dozens of government programs that unemployed New Yorkers may not be aware of and they should take advantage of them.

In addition, workers should also visit the Green Careers NY website at The site is a green jobs portal, providing a way to search all New York based green jobs training programs and jobs at one website.

As I work with the Legislature to tackle the budget deficit in the coming days, my focus remains on ensuring the fiscal strength of the State – and that we have the resources to take care of the most vulnerable among us for months and years to come.


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