Friday, September 18, 2009

ATTENTION: NYC Penalty Relief Program

The NYC Penalty Relief Program, a joint program between the administration and the New York City Council that was established through Local Law 47-2009, will begin on September 21st.

The Penalty Relief Program will allow businesses and homeowners who have outstanding default judgments against them from the Environmental Control Board (ECB) to pay only the base violation fine amount, with the City waiving the default judgment, late fees, and all other penalties and interest. The program will be open for three months, from September 21st through December 21st, 2009

Basic Info:

· This is a three-month program that is authorized by Mayor Bloomberg and City Council that allows businesses to resolve ECB violations by paying a base fine without having to pay any other penalties.

· If the violation regards a correctable condition, then this condition must be met before being eligible to enter the program.

For more information, please see the Department of Finance website, or call 311.

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