Thursday, July 2, 2009

Things We May Have Neglected To Mention

Our apologies for not updating for a while...

Town Hall

Last night, Council Member Letitia James held a Town Hall to address infrastructure in Clinton Hill following the Myrtle Avenue building collapse at St. Luke's Church on Washington Avenue between Willoughby and DeKalb Avs. Representatives from City Agencies were present, and were able to speak about what's happening at this point, as well as how to report structure-damage that is potentially dangerous. There will be additional communication after the appropriate City agencies have completed the necessary investigations into these matters. You can see more on NY1's report here.

Infrastructure in a majority-historic district is always a concern, but we urge people not to be unduly alarmed by these events. Responsibility for the care of property lies with the property owner. We encourage renters to sign legal leases, and attain renters insurance when possible.

Donating Money/Items

Our office has the donation list that can be accessed on the Chez Lola website. If you have items or goods to donate, please complete the form on the website. We are sending this information to the displaced residents, who can follow-up on the items they are interested in. There was a similar list set-up for Anh Nguyen and Andrew Schneider here: Unfortunately, there is no general place to hold your donated items at this time. The search for housing remains the main concern for displaced residents.

Additionally, we are strongly encouraging monetary donations. Here are some individual donation sites:

To donate to the Diaz/Nunez family, see our post here-
Andrew Schneider's donation information can be found here-
Anh Nguyen's donation information can be found here-
Jess Banning's donation information can be found here-

Our office has collaborated with the Myrtle Avenue Revilatization Project (MARP), a registered non-profit, to collect donations for all the 491 & 493 Myrtle Avenue residents. Donations will be evenly distributed to all families affected. If you are donating funds, please make checks/money orders out to MARP. Specify “491 & 493 Myrtle Emergency Fund” in the memo field-

472 Myrtle Avenue, 2nd Floor
Brooklyn, NY 11205

A Tree Falls On Cambridge...Yikes!

A tree limb fell on Cambridge Place (where your blogger happens to reside), which we noticed last night around 9:00PM. The New York City Department of Parks & Recreation have been notified, and they should be out there as soon as possible. If you still see that thing hanging around, please call our office at (212) 788-7081.

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