Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Hello. I am delighted to annnounce the return of the, the website of New York City Council Member Letitia James, and our new blog "Team Tish."

Originally, we had some pretty great ideas about how we were going to utilize our website and the blog (our original staff blog can be found here: Unfortunately, the fact was that weren't exactly tech-savvy enough to maintain the site, nor was anyone able to find enough time to update the blog on a regular basis.

The entire project ended up on the back burner. After all, we've always known that one of the things that people love about Council Member James is her accessibility. People can always call our offices. We send out informative newletters (and, believe me, we go back-and-forth deciding what we have to cut for space). Almost everyone seems to be on a first-name basis with "Tish." Did we really need a website to get the word out?

The answer was "yes!" When I get to the office with my cup of coffee, the first thing I do is search the news online. For me, the internet is the fastest and most effective way of getting information. That's not to say printed media, radio, etc. aren't also useful, but usually they add more depth to issues that I was originally informed on through the power of the internet. So, in addition to the re-vamping of the website, we have a few objectives in regards to this blog:

1). We want to build a dialog with internet-based media.
2). We want to get you information that pertains to Brooklyn's 35th District as fast as possible, before the newsletter, before the mailings.
3). We want to hear what you think!

Expect more blogging on upcoming events, policy and legislation, education, community activities, Council Member James, etc. to come from myself and other members of our beloved staff. In the meantime, try not to melt in the sun.

Aja Worthy-Davis


Matias said...

Congratulations on the new website and blog! I heard about it through the Clinton Hill blog.

I noticed that on the main website (, each page consists of a single Flash object. While it looks good, there are a couple of issues that I see with it: it's not easily readable by search engines, and more importantly it's likely not accessible through vision-impaired web readers, since the text is not actually on the web page. It would be great if an alternate, text-only or pure HTML format could also be supplied as an alternative for people who need special access needs, or who simply don't have Flash installed on their browser.

There's more information (including how to make Flash pages accessible) at


Aja Worthy-Davis said...

matias, Thanks for your input. Our Budget and Education Director Eva Ruiz was having some trouble viewing the site on her computer due to the flash. We'll have to talk to IT here at NYCC, but we'll look into it if it proves to be a problem.